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Main Courses

Main dishes with fish

  • Fried zander filet marinated in herbs on leek sauce with bacon and white wine 35,00 pln
  • Fried salmon with herbal butter, dill sauce and lemon 29,00 pln
  • Fried trout filled with vegetable mix with a bit of lime 22,00 pln
  • Boiled trout blue with butter 19,00 pln
  • Fried gilthead sea bream marinated in Herbes de Provence,served with lemon 29,00 pln
  • Fish Duet (two kinds) served as per your request, with additions (garlic butter and pickles) 54,00 pln

Main dishes with meat

CORRADO specialties:

  • Beef tenderloin marinated in herbs, roasted with Camembert  36,00 pln
  • Steak of beef tenderloin in chanterelle sauce or boletus sauce, fried as per request 36,00 pln
  • Corrado board for 3 people (pork neck, chicken fillet, shashlik, sausage) 46,00 pln 
  • Veal schnitzel as per Corrado recipe with fried egg and peper 35,00 pln
  • Hungarian style pie served with cucumber in brine and sour cream 25,00 pln
  • Beef roll was per Silesian recipe with meat sauce 26,00 pln
  • Roasted duck with oranges and sour cherry-and-cranberry sauce, with a roasted apple 29,00 pln
  • Bavarian style roasted pork knuckle roasted with beer 24,00 pln
  • Calibrated ribs marinated, roasted with additives, served on a board with sauce 29,00 pln
  • Pork fillet filled with Gorgonzola cheese served on a mushroom sauce 26,00 pln

Dishes with pork

  • Pork fillets grilled with chanterelle sauce or boletus sauce 26,00 pl
  • Pork gyro served with tzatziki sauce 15,00 pln
  • Pork shashlik with an addition of an aromatic bacon and juicy pepper with sauce (pork spade) 16,00 pln
  • Breaded pork chop traditional, served on a clear butter 15,00 pln
  • Chef's pork chop battered in egg 15,00 pln
  • Pork chops roasted with champignons and cheese 21,00 pln
  • Grilled pork neck with tzatziki sauce 16,00 pln

Dishes with poultry

  • KFC-style chicken with mustard sauce 15,00 pln
  • Chicken breast Hawaiian style with grilled pineapple and mozzarella cheese 21,00 pln
  • Devolay with garlic butter and parsley leaves 18,00 pln
  • Chicken breast with a slice of a grilled bacon and curry sauce 18,00 pln

Accompaniments to sets

  • Fried potato (butter and herbs) or boiled potatoes 4,00 pln
  • Kopytka (potato dumplings), Silesian potato dumplings or drop dumplings 4,00 pln
  • Pasta (spaghetti, penne, spinach tagliatelle) 4,00 pln
  • Rice or groats  4,00 pln
  • Hand-cut fries 5,00 pln
  • Hand-cut potato slices 5,00 pln


  • Boiled vegetables with butter 5,00 pln
  • A mix of raw vegetable salads 5,00 pln
  • Fried cabbage  5,00 pln
  • Mizeria (cucumber with cream) 5,00 pln
  • Fried beetroots 5,00 pln
  • Cucumbers in brine 5,00 pln

Accompaniments to sets (sold separetely)

  • Fried potato (butter and herbs) or boiled potatoes 6,00 pln
  • Kopytka (potato dumplings), Silesian potato dumplings or drop dumplings 6,00 pln
  • Rice or groats  6,00 pln
  • Pasta (spaghetti, penne, spinach tagliatelle) 6,00 pln
  • Hand-cut fries  7,00 pln
  • Hand-cut potato slices  7,00 pln
  • SpareRibs