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Wine list



    La Viña Semi Dulce

    DO Catalunya, Hiszpania

    Light yellows with green reflections. Fruity, delicate with notes of pineapple, ripe melon and green apple, combined with the addition of lemon. Flavor with good structure, smooth in the mouth, with sweet and fruity fimish. Easy to drink.

    butelka750ml 70 pln  kielszek150ml 16 pln 


    Frontenera Bianco

    DOP Apulia, Włochy

    White, very pleasant wine. Yellow-straw color. In the bouquet distinct honeysuckle accents (honeysuckle) and citronella notes - vary aromatic lemon grass. In the mouth good structure and perceptible mineral, against the background of very well balanced acidity.

    butelka750ml 70 pln  kielszek150ml 16 pln 

    Tagua Chardonnay

    DO Central Valley, Chile

    Intense color with green reflections. Aromas of lime, white peach, blending with the scents of white flowers and green apple. In the mouth, it is uplifting and refreshing, but at the same time decisive. Nice ending.

    butelka750ml 75 pln  kielszek150ml 17 pln 

    Weinhaus Saar Riesling Trocken

    QBA Saar, Niemcy

    Classic Rhine wine with a light straw color. It has fruit aromas, especially pineappel and gooseberry. Refreshing taste with natural acidity. Filigree and elegant with a medium tip and at the same time with a low alcohol strangth.  

    butelka750ml 82 pln  kielszek150ml 19 pln 

    Privilege Sauvignon Blanc

    Loara Valley, Francja

    The elegant and subtle Sauvignon of the Loire is the quintessence of this strain. How different from their New Zealand counterparts. Light aromas of fresh herbs and grapefruit and green gooseberries with a delicate acidity make it an excellent wine for warm days, but also with goat cheese or lettuces with sour vinaigrette.

    butelka750ml 82 pln  kielszek150ml 19 pln 


    Frontenera Negro amaro

    DOP Apulia,Włochy

    The wine ripened in stainless steel vats, preserving its fruity character. in a ruby red glass with violet reflections. In the nose, he seduces the aroma of wild forest fruit with the predominance of blackberries. In the mouth harmonious, balsamic, we will smell red currants, blackberries, ripe cherries. Finish pleasant with sweet tannins.

    butelka750ml 70 pln  kielszek150ml 16 pln 


    Tagua Syrah
    DO CentralValley,Chile

    Chilean wine made from a selected Syrah grape variety, harvested early in the morning to obtain a rich and a distinct aroma. It has an intense red-purple color with blue shades. There is an aroma of cherry with notes of apricot jam and spices. Ripe and mild tannins, perfectly balanced.

    butelka750ml 75 pln  kielszek150ml 17 pln 


    Tgua Reserva Carmenere

    DO RapelValley,Chile

    A dry wine with a deep red cherry color. In the nose, noticeable black and red aromas of fruits, auch as blueberries, black currants, strawberry and cherries, mixed with notes of chocolate and vanilla. Serious Carmenere wine, well-balanced with smooth tannins. 

    butelka750ml 82 pln  kielszek150ml 19 pln 

    Anticaia Primitivo Salento

    IGP Puglia,Włochy

    Primitivo is the most classic strain in the Pulii region. It was matured in stainless steel tanks, thanks to witch it retained its unique fruity aroma. In the nose, it releases aromas of forest fruit, wild raspberries, blackberries and strawberries. In the mouth, soft. medium-bodied, you can sense red fruit with a predominance of strawberry preserves, wild raspeberries and blackberries. 

    butelka750ml 100 pln  kielszek150ml 22 pln 





    Amarone della Valpolicella San Cassiano

    DOCG Veneto,Valpolicella,Włochy

    The wine matures in large, traditional barrels for 24 months and is still aged in bottles. A powerful dry wine with a unique depth and softness of touch. Rich and full of wine, among the aromas of fruit jam, cherry liqueur, elegant tobacco and bitter chocolate. The sensual smoothness on the palate effectively conceals the tanning power. Long, soft final. For noble roasts and venison.

    | 195 pln 


    Prosecco Ponte Extra Dry

    DOC Treviso,Włochy

    A light straw color with beautiful flashes of bubbles. The nose of the acacia is clearly visible in the nose. The palate is delicate and fruity, reminiscent of a fruit cocktail with a dominant apple note. Wine created as a result of natural fermentation. 

    butelka750ml 70 pln | 125ml 14 pln 



    Cava Roger Goulard Reserva Brut

    DO Cava,Hiszpania

    With maturing for at least a year and half in the basement, this sparkling wine has gained fresh, fruity bouquet and a shiny color. It is perfectly saturated bubbles. dominated by aromas of fruit and flowers with a delicate hint of citrus perceptible.

    butelka750ml 96 pln




    Michel Lenique Brut Sélection

    AC Champagne,Francja

    Excellent Champagne on slowly, but constantly developing bubbles. The rich aroma of note cookies and crystallized fruit, with a noticeable tinge of honey and hazelnuts. On the palate fresh and delicate, with a slightly sweetish end.

    butelka750ml 195 pln